Our first Isle Play Pickleball Tournament is in the books. Player and spectator feedback has been very positive and we really appreciate it. And through the process we also found opportunities to improve our tournament for next year.

A very special thanks to all the players, volunteers, and spectators who helped make this a special event!

Here are the results:

Mixed 3.0

1st Bruce and Laurel Iverson

2nd Sharon and Kevin Johnson

3rd Tom and Lori Hawkins

Mixed 3.5

1st Joe and Lisa Dingeldein

2nd Jim and Rachelle Wangen

3rd Brenda and Steve DeMorett

Men’s 3.5 – 4.0

1st 4.0 Corbin Bentz and Aaron Strawman

1st 3.5 Bruce Iverson and Todd Fischer

2nd 3.5 Bob Morris and Joe Dingeldein

3rd 3.5 Kevin Dens and Keith DeChaine

Mens 3.0

1st Jerry Marin and David Rink

2nd Derek Schmitz and Del Jones *****Sportsman Award********

3rd Tom Hawkins and Craig Magnan

Women’s 3.0 – 3.5

1st 3.5 Judie Birk and Deb Watson

1st 3.0 Kelly Eckman and Katie Shinnick

2nd 3.0 Rachelle Wangen and Lisa Hubbard Mn

3rd Kristi Bowman and Kristi McCullough
The Winner of our $100 Sportsmanship Award goes to team Dell Jones and Derek Schmitz. Honorable mention goes to team Tom Hawkins and Craig Magnan, and team Judie Birk and Deb Watson. While good sportsmanship was observed throughout the tournament, these 3 teams stood out among their peers. Well done!!!

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